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Zenshin Daiko's 17th Annual Taiko Festival

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Zenshin Daiko's 17th Annual Taiko Festival is on June 4, 2016 at the MACC.  The concert will start off with the Chop Suey Jazz Orchestra playing some old time Japanese favorites in a Big Band style.  The Chop Suey Jazz Orchestra is directed by Casey Nagata and is composed of an interesting mix of Maui musicians who love playing together.  Then Zenshin Daiko's 50 plus members will take the stage to perform some of their favorite pieces and collaborate with UnitOne.  UnitOne is the professional taiko ensemble from Asano Taiko US based in Los Angeles.  This collaboration is expanding on the performance that Zenshin Daiko and UnitOne presented at the North American Taiko Conference's Taiko Jam concert in Las Vegas last summer.